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124 Lucas Blvd NW

Pilot II in Livingston

Pleased to meet you! I am the Pilot II, a modern townhome boasting 1,327 square feet of space. I am so excited to meet my one and only with whom I can share the beauties of life with.

Most people would describe me as a hopeless romantic. In fact, my friends bug me about it all the time! My ideal date would be a lazy weekend staycation in the company of my perfect match. Just imagine this: it’s a brisk fall morning. Little by little, the sun seeps through the home and soon, all three bedrooms are saturated in warm light. We slowly awaken in my capacious master bedroom and stay cuddled up in bed watching a movie. Fun fact about me: I’m a major rom-com fan. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird? Yes please!

Once we’re finished with our movie, we’ll head downstairs and I’ll cook you my breakfast specialty: blueberry cream cheese pancakes. I love experimenting with cooking and my L-shaped kitchen provides tons of room to stash all my cookbooks and ingredients. While I cook, you can take a seat at my optional kitchen island and just take in the view!

In the afternoon, we can head outside and explore all that the community of Livingston has to offer. This rapidly developing community is located in North Calgary and provides very convenient access to the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Stoney Trail. No matter the season, there is always something to do! Right now, we can cycle along the natural trails that weave through the communities. During the winter months, we’ll be able to hang out at Vivo Recreation Centre. This fitness facility is only a short walk away and houses a gym, skating rink, pool, climbing wall, and more!

When evening hits, we’ll cuddle up in my sizeable great room next to the cozy fireplace. Shall we build a blanket fort with all the space available? Another movie, perhaps? Both? I’ll let you choose!

They say love at first sight doesn’t exist, but let’s prove them wrong. What are you waiting for? Visit a showhome today to learn how we can meet. Let’s make it a date!