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Benefits of Condo Fees

There can be some hesitation when it comes to buying a home with condo fees. You may not be sure of the actual benefit of condo fees and we wanted to help educate and inform you of all the good things condo fees can help with! 
1. Low-maintenance Living
Do you wish you had more time for your hobbies or interests? Or maybe you love to travel but hate leaving your home maintenance unattended? With condo fees, the management team arranges for lawn maintenance, snow shovelling, and garbage removal giving you more time to do the things you love most!
2. Insurance
Your condo fees cover your building’s insurance, so you’ll only need content insurance for your personal belongings. This actually saves you a lot of money every year on insurance costs!
3. Upkeep
Bylaws are designed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience living in your home and prevent you from needing to deal with most problems or issues. You’ll have the full support and assistance of your management team and they will help with any issues you encounter.
4. Shared Costs
Sometimes unexpected building repairs that may not be covered by warranty or insurance can occur and a portion of your condo fees are assigned towards a reserve fund to help pay for these types of inconveniences. It helps keep your community running smoothly and allows you to feel a lot more safe and relaxed. Of course, our homes are covered by comprehensive warranty through Alberta New Home Warranty as well!
5. Resale
With all the assistance condo fees provide, your home is more likely to retain its value and keep it almost as new as the day you bought it! It also makes it much more appealing for future owners if you ever decide to sell! 
Renew II is Daytona Homes’ newest master-built condo community in west Edmonton and combines beautiful townhome style condos and maintenance-free living starting under $300,000 and only $656 bi-weekly!*
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*See Sales Consultant for details