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Hey Calgary! Who Is Daytona Homes, Really?




Daytona Homes may be the new guy in town in Calgary, but we have been Western Canada's builder of choice for over 25 years!

Below is a list of the most common things we hear from folks in Calgary and what the truth behind each one is! 


“We are a new builder.”
We have actually been building for 25 years! We have built our business upon a history of experience and have expanded our business across the country. Currently we build in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Grande Prairie. We are an award-winning home builder with a great reputation and are a family run company who genuinely cares about customer service and building long term relationships. We value family!

“Our pricing is too high in NW Livingston.”
We offer a very unique product - types of homes that you won't find anywhere else or from any other builder! From our unique floor plans to high standard finishes, we lead the pack in innovation and value. We also include a garage in all of our pricing – other builders do not.

“There's not enough green space with some of your models.”
While you do give up some of your green space with our rear-attached single family homes, there are many outweighing benefits! It is very low maintenance, you don’t have to mow the lawn or upkeep your yard. The side courtyards are very private. You also get an attached garage (because no one likes walking out to their car in -30 at 6am on their way to work and starting a cold car), while maintaining the curb appeal of the home!

“You don't include appliances.”
No builder actually gives appliances away for free, it is included in their pricing. We give home buyers the option to either purchase an appliance package through us or through a different supplier for a better cost (there are great deals to be found at Black Friday or Boxing Day sales). Many purchasers don’t want to have their appliances added onto their 25 year mortgage and they prefer to pay it upfront. We give you the option!