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Top Reasons Why A Garage Is A Must Have



Ever get frustrated with storing outdoor items in your closet? Having to brush the snow off your car every morning in the winter? Hauling your groceries from down the street because you couldn't find parking close to your front door?

We've made up a list that show a garage a must when buying a new home!

  • We live in Western Canada - we all know the weather is very unpredictable! (Crossing fingers it doesn't snow at any minute.)
  • We have more fall and winter months than we do spring and summer. It's sad, but true! But our love for hockey keeps us warm.
  • An attached garage adds value to your property compared to those who have a detached garage. And having a detached garage adds more value than having no garage at all!
  • More appealing for resale value.
  • Convenient for your lifestyle - unloading groceries, carrying in your kids sport equipment, unloading car seats, etc. (You know, all the things.)
  • You car will be warm and have no snow to brush off on those dreadful -30 mornings.
  • Protects your vehicle from theft, vandalism, and weather conditions.
  • Acts as a valuable storage space for seasonal items.