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Happy Homeowner - The Cabucol Family

The Cabucol family are a few of our Happy Homeowners in Winnipeg. They live in our Pilot II duplex in the thriving community of Aurora at North Point, and loves their Daytona home! Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience!

Tell us an interesting fact about your family!

Our family is like a fairy tale with unique characters My daughter Irene Sharles aka Irish loves to start conversation, friendly and loves to entertain people with all her stories. Every time we walk around the neighborhood, she always saying Hi how are you doing? then she will introduce herself after. Next is my husband Ives Charles Edward, his favorite spot is his garage. He is always making sure that everything is organized and applied the 5s concept which he learnt from work. Next is me, Janet I am the “assertive” of the family I want to make sure that household chores are done before we huddle in the living room and watch movies. Speaking of the living room, it is our favorite spot and trying to fit ourselves in 1 nest chair while watching a movie.

Why did you choose the community that you live in?

We chose Aurora because it’s a bright location, safe environment, accessible to all amenities, close to family and friends and offers privacy. With all these reasons it promotes peace of mind to our family.

What was your favourite part of the home buying experience?

My favourite part was meeting lots of acquaintances in the process, continuously learning and the excitement of having your own space and dwelling. I remember visiting the house almost everyday because we couldn't wait to move in. The moment we stepped in this house we knew that this is for us. I guess destiny really dictates what’s the best for you, for us as a family.

What is your favourite memory that you have made in your new home so far?

My favorite memory is that we made sure we celebrated our first birthdays experience, special holidays and occasions (like House blessings, thanksgiving, Christmas and New year) in our new home. We invited family and friends and share the blessing with them

How has living in your new home and new community been so far?

Superb!!! Choosing the right place, right home and right builder which is Daytona are the best. We love the services that Daytona provided from the start up to now, the house layout is impressive there’s no waste of space and I could say we have a friendly and safe neighborhood, I could walk around the community with no worries at all



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