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Happy Homeowners - Jenn & Adam

Jenn & Adam are two of our Happy Homeowners in Saskatoon. They live in our Escalade single family home in the beautiful community of Brighton, and love their Daytona home! They have been in their new home since December 2018. Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience in their own words!


We are Jenn and Adam. We are an energetic, happy couple and in what, many would refer to, a unique relationship - given that Jenn came with three young kids in tow, and there is a whooping 10 year age difference between us. That didn’t stop us from falling in love and finding the perfect place to call home for our blended family of five. We moved in to our stunning new Escalade E by Daytona Homes on December 3rd 2018. We had the privilege of working with Lynn and Deandra to get into our perfect home, located in Phase 3 of Brighton.

We moved to Brighton from an acreage located 15 minutes south of Saskatoon on Highway 11. We knew early on that we wanted to move to Brighton because we loved the idea of having a brand new home in an area that was easily accessible for the kid’s activities and would have all the amenities built into the community. Brighton checked all the boxes compared to the other neighbourhoods around us. Once we had our minds made up on Brighton it was time to start searching for a builder to get us into the right house.  One day, in between the girl’s dance practices we were walking with Jenn’s daughter, Emma, down the row of show homes. It was getting late, dark outside and we were ready to head home. The very last house on the end of the block, the Escalade by Daytona, was the only one we did not stop at. Emma was determined to see the Escalade even though we had to get going, so we said we would stop in quick. We got in and were greeted so warmly by Lynn and the rest is history. We were blown away by the Escalade and Lynn was someone we knew we could trust; we can’t say enough positive things about her and she quickly became what felt like family to us! We told her what we were looking for and she said, “I have one that will be ready at the start of December”. It almost seemed too good to be true as we had to be out of the acreage by December 10th and the home we were in love with was going to be ready by the 3rd. Turns out it was as good as we thought and we are now in month three of loving our Escalade.

Since we moved in our new home, our lives have become much easier and less chaotic. Everyone loves the house and that more time is spent together as a family and less time spent in the car. We are extremely happy with our choice of home style and neighbourhood. It was an amazing experience and all of the follow-ups, check-ins, and service done by Darius and his team continues to live up to the Daytona standard. We love our bedroom; it is the perfect sized oasis, has an amazing double vanity bathroom, a great soaker tub, and an electronic fireplace that rounds off the modern look. As an added bonus for us, we installed a big screen TV above the fireplace and added a smaller TV in the bathroom so Jenn can soak and enjoy her favorite shows at the same time. That is our favorite room but we love everything about this house. Thank you so much Lynn and Daytona, we recommend you to everyone we talk to.


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