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Happy Homeowners - Katie and Conrad

Katie & Conrad are two of our Happy Homeowners in Calgary. They live our Vitara rear-attached single family model in the thriving and exciting community of NW Livingston, and love their Daytona home! Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience!

Tell us an interesting fact about your family!

We both love to eat; our goal is to eat well-known dishes around the world and visit Michelin star restaurants. One thing we struggle with is doing that and eating clean, as health and fitness is also a significant thing we focus on. It's a constant conundrum!

Why did you choose Daytona Homes?

We have been looking around for a while and kept coming back to Daytona because of the unique style of homes. We previously lived in a condo and enjoyed not having to mow the lawn and shovel the walk, transitioning to a house that has a bit less of the green space appealed to us. As a starter home, it gives us just enough green space to dabble around and not worry that we would kill everything haha!

Why did you choose the community that you live in?

We have always envisioned ourselves living in North Calgary because it's close to all our Asian amenities and it allows us to stay close to our families.

What was your favourite part of the home buying experience?

We had tremendous help from our realtor, and of course, Daytona was willing to work with us to get the sale of the home through.

What stood out to you the most in your home buying experience?

As it was our first single-family home, there were many things we were unfamiliar with, from the sales process to the walkthrough, Daytona took care of us from beginning to the end, patiently explaining and detailing everything out. Once we moved in, there were little things that needed fixing and often it was on things we didn't even know about. One time we came home and someone was repairing a chip on the corner of our house that we didn't even know was chipped! We love that they care about their products and their clients. 

What struggles did you go through looking for your new home? How did that feel?

When we finally sold our condo after a year and a half, we didn't have too much time in between to find a home. Of course, building something new was out the question. The thing we know we wanted was a  home in the north with an attached garage. We looked at what felt like hundreds of homes - new, old, and renovated. We felt entirely defeated while we were looking, we were losing time. What eventually became evident to us was that we could get a home that was brand new for a better price and more modern finishings. It was the piece that was missing in our puzzle.

What is your favourite memory that you have made in your new home so far?

Our favourite memories made in this home is with friends and family. We always wanted to host more events and have people come over but it simply wasn't a reality when we lived in our condo. Having more space to host has been a dream come true! Not to mention, we were able to finally get our puppy, Nori!

How has living in your new home and new community been so far?

We feel completely integrated, we joined all the Facebook groups, get all the newsletters and made lots of new friends with neighbours. It is nice to know that people are looking out for one another here.


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