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Happy Homeowners - Michael and Taylor

Michael & Taylor are two of our Happy Homeowners in Calgary. They live our Pilot II townhome model in the thriving and exciting community of NW Livingston, and love their Daytona home! Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience!

Tell us an interesting fact about your family!

We are both addicted to Fantasy Football!

Why did you choose Daytona Homes?

Originally we were unsure about what builder to choose to start the next step of our lives with. We had looked around a lot of areas in Calgary, and found ourselves drawn to Livingston. Sandy and Brenda introduced us to a few homes we really liked in the area, and were very patient with us while we took our time weighing out all of our options. Eventually they reached out to us when Daytona had amazing incentives they thought would be a fit for us, and we felt at ease moving forward with Daytona as our builder.

Why did you choose the community that you live in?

We chose Livingston originally as it wasn't too far from our old neighbourhood, Sage Hill, and we were very excited to get into this new community from the start. Although it seems like there will be construction happening around us for quite some time, it is very exciting looking at everything that is planned in Livingston's future. From the Rec Centre, to the hospital and C-train station down the road, we felt like this neighbourhood would be a great investment to get in early, as well as a great place to start a family down the road.

What was your favourite part of the home buying experience?

Fresh coffee in the Daytona Showhome Office!

Actually, it's tough to say what the best part was. Out of all the houses and communities we looked at there was a sense of ease when working with Daytona that felt genuine and made us comfortable to carry forward. Sandy and Brenda were fun to deal with during the purchasing stage, and were very patient with us while we were making up our minds about where to move. We genuinely enjoyed relentlessly asking them question upon question upon question to make sure we had all the facts in line prior to moving in. After purchasing the house, Nathan made sure all of our needs were always taken care of with the condition of the house and moving in.

Overall the best part of the experience might have been the champagne Sandy and Brenda so graciously supplied us after possession.

What is your favourite memory that you have made in your new home so far?

Finally getting everything unpacked so we can relax after having such a hectic summer. Nothing has helped us grow more as a couple than us setting up Ikea furniture until midnight.

What is your favourite room in your new home? Why?

Michael's favourite room is the newly assembled living room where he can watch his NFL games in peace. Taylor's favourite room is a combination of her walk-in closet, bathroom, and makeup room, which she tends to spend all of her time in (especially when we were supposed to leave for somewhere 15 minutes ago).

How has living in your new home and new community been so far?

The community is still young, but we are excited to be a part of it early on. We have a few neighbours that we are getting to know, and get good vibes from knowing that we are the OG's of a brand new community.

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