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Happy Homeowners - Michael & Viola

Michael and Viola are two of our Happy Homeowners in Calgary. They live in our Cabrio single family home in NW Livingston, and love their Daytona home! They have been in their new home since August 2018. Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience!

Tell us an interesting fact about your family!

We’re married now, but we had terrible first impressions of each other 10 years ago. Michael thought Viola was pretentious and she had known him as the bad kid. Luckily, we were both wrong.

Why did you choose Daytona Homes?

We decided on Daytona Homes because of the terrific layout. Through all the showhomes that we have looked at in North Calgary, Daytona Homes was the only one where you can find a standalone single-family home with a rear-attached double garage. The main floor also offers a nice open concept layout with a large kitchen island that makes the house look spacious and beautiful. We have been to many showhomes before choosing Daytona and we can honestly say that the Daytona team is also one of the friendliest and most welcoming staff we have encountered. 

Why did you choose the community that you live in?

We wanted to stay in North Calgary as this is where we grew up and where most of our friends and family still live. This narrowed down our choices but there are still a number of communities in North Calgary. We have seen the future plans for Livingston and are very excited for the future development of the area. While Livingston is definitely still a work in progress, from the plans it appears Livingston will have a large focus on commercial and community development (parks, homeowner’s association recreation facilities, walkways, etc.) which translates to convenience and leisure to us. 

What is your favourite memory that you have made in your new home so far?

One of our most exciting memories was finally getting our couch delivered. As first-time homeowners, never have we felt so strongly that we took couches for granted, after suffering from back aches and sore butts due to sitting on our floor for 4 months.

What is your favourite room in your home?

Our favourite room is split between the foyer from the garage and the kitchen. The foyer is definitely the space where we have received the most complements because of the open space, windows, and built-in bench/coat rack. The kitchen is also another favourite because of how the stove, sink, counter space, and cabinets are set up so that everything is within arm’s reach. 




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