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Happy Homeowners - Rajesh & Aastha

Rajesh and Aastha are two of our Happy Homeowners in Regina. They live in our Aveo duplex in the Greens, and love their Daytona home! Read on to learn more about them and their Daytona experience!

Why did you choose Daytona Homes?

We were looking for our first house for about a year. After comparing houses from all the builders, we realized Daytona was the way to go as they were giving us the most value for our money and we wanted to stay in the Greens.

Why did you choose the community that you live in?

We have been living in the Greens for more than two years and we love it! It's very peaceful and we don't have to travel for daily errands. In fact, the Greens was a deciding factor for our purchase.

What is your favourite memory that you have made in your new home so far?

It's only been two months, but we moved in at the perfect time to celebrate Christmas, New Year's and Aastha's birthday. All three occasions were pretty special, and we already have made memories to cherish for life!

What is your favourite room in your home?

Our favourite room is the living room. We sit in there and look outside or watch TV. It's cozy and the perfect size.




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