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On-demand transit coming to NW Livingston!

Ever find there is not a bus coming around when you need it to? Or that the bus route doesn't come to your area? Well this will be changing for the community of NW Livingston! "A pilot project proposed for Calgary's suburbs could change the way public transit is delivered in the city," says the CBC in a recent article.

"On-demand transit would involve passengers in newer communities — where transit demand is insufficient — calling or using an app when they want to book a trip. The transit software would then create a route using the various passenger requests and tell them where and when they will be picked up," says the article.

What does this mean for people living in NW Livingston? Guaranteed on-demand bus service with the touch of your phone! No more waiting at bus stops in the cold for a bus that may never come or waiting till the bus service is brought to your area.

Just another fantastic reason to move into NW Livingston today!

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